Redeemer Christian Foundation, Inc. began in order to offer a Christian education to orphans andchildren in an impoverished area..  Most children and families cannot afford the fees to go to school so their alternatives are to go to work as children in awful conditions, roam the streets, or possibly worse - be sold into a life of slavery.

Our goal is to give these children hope for a better future.  By combining formal education with Biblical instruction, these children are introduced to the greatest hope one can find - an intimate relationship with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  In a place where once no smiles could be found, now smiles are blossoming everywhere as these innocent ones are filled with the joy of the Lord.

Evil is on the doorstep of Redeemer Christian School.  Help us be a light in a very dark corner of the world. Together we can enable these precious children to be overcomers and not let the enemy win.

Children are flocking to this school. More space and more schools are needed. Our needs are many ... we could use your help with everything from paying the monthly rent, to teacher's salary, to providing Bibles and instructional materials.

We strongly believe in the "Multiplication Principle" which maintains that by supporting Christian education and humanitarian aid in countries around the globe, we can break the chains of illiteracy, neglect, and darkness.  We can contribute to those being raised to share love and respect, not hatred and evil, toward others.

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