Successful sCARves campaign!

YOU DID IT!!  "sCARves for a Cause" a Huge Success...


Thanks to your compassionate hearts and generous giving, we are pleased to announce that Redeemer Christian School  has a reliable Mitsubishi wagon to aid in running the school and serving the children better.  

No more lugging everything from textbooks, to computers, to groceries for daily meals, to Christmas gift purchases on unreliable public transportation.  If one of the children needs medical attention - we can attend to that much more easily.  Time that was wasted in inefficient methods of transporting will now be used in a more efficient manner and enable our Director to spend more time working at the school and less time in transit for everyday things like groceries for the children's meals.  

The van's impact will be to allow the director to be much more effective in his role in overseeing everything from lesson planning to plans for school growth. 

Stay tuned for more pictures of the van in use at the school....thank you from the bottom of our hearts!